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Environmental monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring aims at measuring the levels of pollutants presents in a given region, which enables faster and more effective action on control and enforcement.

Econservation has equipment for measuring of: PTS (Total Suspended Particles), PM10 (Inhalable Particles <10 ?m), PM2,5 (Inhalable Particles < 2,5 µm), SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide), NOx (Nitrogen Oxides), NO (Nitrogen Monoxide), NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), CO (Carbon Monoxide), O3 (Ozone), HCT (Total Hydrocarbons), HCnM (Hydrocarbons, except Methane), CH4 (Methane), as well as meteorological parameters for Direction and Wind Speed, air temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and solar radiation measures. In addition, we also operate and maintenance of customers owned equipment and/or owned monitoring networks. 

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