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Environmental studies

Environmental Licensing

Environmental licensing is a legal obligation prior to the installation of any undertaking or activity potentially polluting the environment.

Econservation operates by supporting the entrepreneur during any environmental licensing process, whether at the federal, state or municipal level, until the licenses are issued and the necessary renewals.

We perform the most diverse studies, which may be required in the Environmental Licensing processes, among them:

  • SEA - Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • EIA / RIMA - Environmental Impact Study and Report
  • RCA - Environmental Control Report
  • PCA - Environmental Control Plan
  • RAS - Simplified Environmental Report
  • PBA - Basic Environmental Plan
  • NIS - Neighborhood Impact Study
  • RIU - Urban Impact Report
  • PACUERA - Environmental Plan for the Conservation of the Reservoir Environment
  • PPT - Territorial Planning Plan
  • PRAD - Recovery Plan for Degraded Areas

Other services:

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