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About us

When the power of a new beginning joins the stability of a solid path already trodden, the result is sure that it has power and authority to do the best. The Econservation Environmental Studies and Projects was born this principle founded in 2011 in order to provide services in environmental consultancy, focusing on licensing activities, Monitoring and Management.

The development of the country with the emergence of large enterprises and the constant concern with the social and environmental aspects, open space for the performance of companies able to anticipate requirements and propose efcient and sustainable solutions. For this, we offer a personalized service, making full client representation to the licensing agencies and other institutions involved in environmental issues.

Alliance between tradition and innovation. This is the mark of Econservation.

With a multidisciplinary team composed of managers and specialists who work in all areas of Environmental Science, Econservation ensures technical quality and agility in meeting the demands, and always seeks to harmonize the objectives and goals of its clients with sustainable development.


Reconciling economic and social development
with environmental preservation.


To be a national reference in environmental consulting and advisory activities.


Ethics To discuss our behavior by honesty, sincerity and truth. Solidarity We should support each other in day to day work. Humility Never behave as owner of the truth. Listen forever.
Readiness We must be ready to respond with agility, technical competence, efciency and effectiveness to customer demands. Ambition We continually seek human and professional self-development. Creativity We must always improve with innovation.


Econservation is certified by the Quality Management System.


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