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Environmental monitoring

Marine Monitoring (water, biota and sediments)

CONAMA Resolution 357/2005 (and amendments) provides for the classification of water bodies and environmental guidelines for their classification, as well as establishing the conditions and standards for the discharge of effluents, and other measures.

For the monitoring of the quality of marine water, Econservation works with technicians of notorious competence and diverse equipment for the collection of water, such as specific bottles, multiparameters probes, CTDs, etc.

For the monitoring of the biota, Econservation has a team qualified to perform several monitoring, such as:

  • - Plankton Community: phytoplankton, zooplankton e ichthyoplanckton;
  • - Benthic Community: phytobentonic and zoobentonic of consolidated and unconsolidated substrates;
  • - Ichthyofaunal (fishes);
  • - Carcinofauna (shrimp);
  • - Cetacean (whales);
  • - Chelonian (turtles);
  • - Corals

CONAMA Resolution 454/2012 (and amendments) establishes the general guidelines and referential procedures for the management of the dredged material in waters under national jurisdiction. Econservation has a qualified team and several equipment (dredgers, corers or drilling equipment) to support the entrepreneur in the sedimentological evaluations related to the dredging processes.

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